How to Hit the Ground Running – Part One: Expat Hacks

'She came to the welcome lunch 2 days after landing and contributed home bakes to the potluck even though she's still living in a hotel room? Oooh, she really hit the ground running!' Ok, that's an exaggerated example. Only just. But there are some of us who've been through so many moves (6, for me,… Continue reading How to Hit the Ground Running – Part One: Expat Hacks

Family Life and Fitting In – A Month of Danish Living

It's a month since we arrived in Denmark and if you're following on Instagram or Facebook you know that we've already done a lot of exploring round these parts. Meanwhile we've also been getting our heads around our new life and lifestyle; although we've yet to fully settle in, we're already getting a sense of… Continue reading Family Life and Fitting In – A Month of Danish Living

A Year of Words and Work

I kept hearing about words as 2018 kicked off. There was the usual round-up of announcements by dictionary publishers and websites, telling us their most looked-up or supposedly definitive word of 2017. These include, if you're interested, youthquake, populism, complicit, feminism, and, my personal favourite, Milkshake Duck. On the less clickbaity side of things, some… Continue reading A Year of Words and Work