#MayontheMove2020 Inspiration

Earlier this week I confirmed the details for the #MayontheMove2020 expat Instagram challenge, co-hosted by me and Erin of Oregon Girl Around the World. Click here if you missed it. We kick off tomorrow!

Throughout the month of May you’ll have 16 prompts to inspire you to share something on Instagram of your ‘life on the move’ – whether you call yourself, expat, repat, immigrant, or global nomad. I’ll post every other day, starting tomorrow, on 1 May – you can follow the same schedule, or catch up as and when, picking and choosing just the prompts that inspire you most, if you prefer. We’re not in a hurry!

It’s up to you how you approach the challenge. You might want to reflect on how international living has been affected by the current pandemic-related restrictions. Or maybe you’d rather reminisce about previous adventures and look forward to exploring more of the world, #whenthisisallover.

However you decide to share, just make sure you are following @thefrustratednester and @oregongirl_aroundtheworld, and tagging #MayontheMove2020 as you go. You should follow the hashtag too, so you can connect with others who are sharing.

The prompts are designed to be wide open, so interpret each one as the mood takes you! But in case you get stuck, here’s a quick rundown of ideas.

Day 1: Introduction. An easy one to start with: introduce yourself. Tell us as much or as little as you like, and perhaps what the idea of what being ‘on the move’ means in your life.

Day 2: ‘Home’. The quotation marks are very deliberate here, as although all the prompts can be taken in any way, this one will surely be the loosest for many of us. For you, home may be one geographical location, or many, or none. Your ‘home’ may be defined by a group of people, or by an activity in which you feel free. Tell us about what home is, or isn’t, to you.

Day 3: Away. This could mean the place you are living just now, where you go for escape, or what it means for you to be away from a certain place or people. Or perhaps it makes you think of what or who is far away from where you are now.

Day 4: Dream. Is your dream destination still on your bucket list? Or have you been there already? Perhaps your ultimate dream is to return home, or you feel you are living the dream right now.

Day 5: Country Love Tell us about a country you love, or have loved, or would love to visit. What brings out the love in you in a particularly country? Or is it that you love the countryside, whatever that evokes where you are right now?

Day 6: City Love Is there a city that has your heart? Or a city where you lost your heart to someone else? Do you love city life in general? Tell us your urban dreams.

Day 7: Local Perhaps you have a recommendation for a place that only comes from having spent time as a local. Where do you consider yourself a local? Is it in more than one place? You could give us a snapshot of what is local to you right now, or describe a local custom that has surprised you.

Day 8: Bucket list. Do you have a bucket list? Is it for the region where you’re currently living, or more globally ambitious? You could tell us what’s at the top of your bucket list, or give us the must-go bucket list destination that you recommend to everybody. Or, are bucket lists a thing of the past in our changing world?

Day 9: Culture shock. We’ve all been there. How hard did it hit? What’s been the biggest culture shock you’ve experienced? What stage of culture shock are you at right now? What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done as a result of culture shock?

Day 10: Culture blend. Perhaps you’ve lived somewhere long enough that you’ve adopted aspects of another culture. Have you been through the process of observing your own cultural assumptions being tempered as you see it from the perspective of another? Or maybe you already identify as a TCK or ATCK. Then again, you may be resisting other influences, and holding on to your own culture as you move through the world.

Day 11: Missing. What do you miss from home, that you wish you could bring in your suitcase? Perhaps you’ve repatted, and now you’re missing the open road. Or are you missed? Tell us your thoughts.

Day 12: Language. Have you learned another language? Do you find it liberating, or just feel frustrated by language barriers? What insights have you gained into other cultures by studying or observing the language? Or, on another tack, you might have thoughts to share about the language used in the expat sphere, and what it means to be globally mobile.

Day 13: Souvenirs. Show us your favourite mementos of life on the move, or simply share one of your favourite memories. Do you think that having souvenirs is important? Is there an item you look for in every destination?

Day 14: Lodging. This could be a chance to share your stories of challenging accommodation experiences: the komodo dragon in the back garden, or the maribou stork at the front door. Or state your travel preferences: are you a luxury lover, an airbnb addict, or a devoted camper?

Day 15: Best Advice. What’s the best advice you received about living abroad? Or the crucial advice you have to offer others? Share the wisdom!

Day 16: Repost. This is the only prompt where I have something specific to ask you: look back over the posts from the month with the #MayontheMove2020 hashtag, and choose one (at least!) to repost and share – it’s all about building those community connections.

Don’t forget to follow @thefrustratednester and @oregongirl_aroundtheworld on Instagram to get started!

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