Announcing #MayontheMove2020!

Calling all expats, repats, immigrants, internationals, and global nomads!

Last year I put the #MayontheMove Instagram challenge out into the world for the first time, and I was so chuffed with how it turned out! I made new connections, built a community, and told parts of my story in a whole new way.

At that time, I had all sorts of plans for how to make #MayontheMove2020 even bigger and better…but over the last few weeks there hasn’t been much time or headspace for that. Still, I was quick to dismiss the idea of skipping it this year. We may be staying put, but we need to build community and make meaningful connections as much as we ever did.

That’s one of the things I’ve always enjoyed about Instagram over other social media platforms. Somehow, in among the little filtered squares of our lives, if you’re using it with balance, Instagram can become a place for finding your new favourite people.

May on the Move 2020 announcement graphic

So #MayontheMove2020 will kick off as planned on Friday 1 May. If you’re looking for a new way to connect with other expats and internationals, or a fresh motivation for posting and sharing your perspective, whether in the current context or more generally, then join us!

I’m so excited to announce that co-hosting this year is my new friend Erin McMillen Gustafson, travel writer for The International and blogger at Oregon Girl Around the World. I actually started following Erin’s blog before I had even arrived in Denmark, inspired by her Scandinavian explorations and focus on sustainable travel. Even under lockdown, she’s still serving up a window on the world with her daily walks around Copenhagen on her Instagram stories, and sharing her quarantine kitchen meals from around the world. Definitely worth following either way!

To take part, make sure you are following both @thefrustratednester and @oregongirl_aroundtheworld, and the hashtag #MayontheMove2020, and look out for the prompts. In keeping with all our appetites for slow and sustainable living these days, there are just 16 prompts for the month of May, so that works out as a post every other day. That also means you can catch up at any point in the month more easily. Of course, you don’t have to respond to every prompt, and you can dip in and out as the inspiration strikes.

Click here for more details, and inspiration for each of the prompts.

See you in the squares!

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