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I’m Catriona, aka The Frustrated Nester. Here at the blog I share articles about expat life, travel, and (for now!) Danish living. Explore below, click here for more about me and my work, and click here to Join my Journey beyond the blog, and receive an exclusive essay about how I met MT (my better half/expat partner/co-parent/corporate sponsor/Meal Ticket, depending on when you ask!)

Crossing Generations

This is my response to the #Generations prompt for #MayontheMove2021 (learn more here). It’s raw and unedited, because otherwise it wouldn’t be here at all. This is not what I thought I was going to share today. Earlier in the month Jamey of @couragelifecoaching mentioned his ‘cross-generational heart’, which a few of us seized on… Continue reading Crossing Generations


Has your life been impacted by more than one culture? Have you lived abroad or grown up in a culture different from the one that surrounds you today? Have you lived or worked amongst people who did things or thought about things very differently? If any of these questions resonate, and you’re an Instagrammer, then… Continue reading #MayontheMove2021


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