Friendship on the Move: Transcending Time and Continents

November has been quiet around here because, after my first attempt two years ago, I'm again taking part in NaNoWriMo. (Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram if you want to know how I'm doing with that, writerly types.) But some exciting news has me thinking lots of thoughts that I… Continue reading Friendship on the Move: Transcending Time and Continents

A Year of Words and Work

I kept hearing about words as 2018 kicked off. There was the usual round-up of announcements by dictionary publishers and websites, telling us their most looked-up or supposedly definitive word of 2017. These include, if you're interested, youthquake, populism, complicit, feminism, and, my personal favourite, Milkshake Duck. On the less clickbaity side of things, some… Continue reading A Year of Words and Work