A Year of Words and Work

I kept hearing about words as 2018 kicked off. There was the usual round-up of announcements by dictionary publishers and websites, telling us their most looked-up or supposedly definitive word of 2017. These include, if you're interested, youthquake, populism, complicit, feminism, and, my personal favourite, Milkshake Duck. On the less clickbaity side of things, some… Continue reading A Year of Words and Work

Recalibration and Carrying on Regardless (with NaNoWriMo)

When I started teaching - hard to believe now - it was in front of a blackboard, the heel of my hand permanently chalky.  But a few years later, a brand new interactive whiteboard was installed in my classroom.  For the uninitiated, this now-standard (in UK classrooms at least) piece of equipment uses a special… Continue reading Recalibration and Carrying on Regardless (with NaNoWriMo)