Fastelavn and Other Frolicking Feasts

For the last few weeks, rails in Danish shops have been fully stocked with children's costumes, alongside stacked pyramids of wooden barrels, while in supermarkets there are corners packed with colourful sweets. Roll out the barrel... Exchange the wooden barrels for orange and black decorations, and you'd think it was Halloween-in-early-spring. In fact, the event… Continue reading Fastelavn and Other Frolicking Feasts

Family Life and Fitting In – A Month of Danish Living

It's a month since we arrived in Denmark and if you're following on Instagram or Facebook you know that we've already done a lot of exploring round these parts. Meanwhile, we've also been getting our heads around our new life and lifestyle; although we've yet to fully settle in, we're already getting a sense of… Continue reading Family Life and Fitting In – A Month of Danish Living