Welcome to my writing sandbox.

If you like to read about travel and expat living, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.  I also drop in posts from time to time about language, my writing life and my tinkerings with thread.  Feel free to follow just for the bits you’re interested in…I promise I won’t be offended if you skim over the rest.

I come from Scotland, currently live in the Republic of Congo, and my husband’s job has also taken us to France and Uganda.  I teach, write, bring up our two boys and fit the rest in between (stitching, singing, acting…).

Click follow over there → or down below ↓ if you don’t want to miss a post.  And don’t forget: if you liked it, like it; if you loved it, share it!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    I just saw your name on the Two Fat Expat facebook group next to Pau, France (just the two of us)… I also did a year in Pau… with my husband company and by the look of your other postings it might be the same company 😀
    Now I’m off to read your different posts.

  2. In some ways, our blogs are quite similar! While you’ve clearly succeeded in those goals, I always intended my blog to be about travel and expat life, about teaching and language and all that jazz. Happy I’ve come across this, and will tune back in again!

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