Sketch: Saudade on a Saturday afternoon

[Lip-syncing: Fallin’] Alicia Keys is playing from the speaker in the corner. I’m enjoying it not just because I’m transported back to Saturday afternoons with Trevor Nelson on Radio 1, in my sunny yellow flat, the first flat I owned. My first self-created nest. But also because the music is…not loud…but insistently present. I have… Continue reading Sketch: Saudade on a Saturday afternoon

Congo Sketch – Departure Lounge

Barely an African-looking face amongst them, cheeks bump in constant cheery bisous.  Every couple of minutes another healthily glowing French family emerges at the top of the stairs, smiling in anticipation, and so begins the procession of politesse as they saluer each family they know.  They fan out in formation to greet colleagues and fellow school-gate… Continue reading Congo Sketch – Departure Lounge